Is it really only me who finds summer incapacitating?

The heat today was unbearable, and according to my widget on igoogle, it wasn’t even that warm. Still – it led to me and Bub stripping off with all the back doors open, enjoying what little breeze there was.

I finished watching S- play Uncharted 2 last night, which was a bit of a turning point. I no longer want to join a gym, but I do still want to go travelling round the world having adventures. Being Indiana Jones, Dirk Pitt or Nathan Drake would be too difficult without getting super fit and as this is just one of my many whims I don’t think I’ll bother. It’s much less effort to be Jeremy Clarkson so I’ll concentrate on cars again for a while.

That being the case, I thought I would share this picture with you. I wrote about the Buick Business 8 Coupe from 1936 a long, long time ago and here it is:

I’m in love. Whilst I would love to say that this is my next car, I can’t. When Charlie Micra and I finally do part company, I think this will be my next motor:

Anyone spot the difference?

Tomorrow we’re having a run out to the reclamation yard* to buy a fire basket for over the winter, and will possibly be ordering some logs. Otherwise it’s crumble and chutney time, thanks to the lovely apples provided by the lovely author of One Stitch At A Time. You should definitely have a scroll through to see some of the wonderful things she’s made.

I will take pics of the fire basket when we have it, as well as the table we got there last time, and a book-case that S- picked up at a charity shop for £3 which I painted white. It’s something I’ve been meaning to show you for a while and ask for opinions on but as with a lot of things, I just haven’t had the time.

The more you do, though, the more you can do, right? So, onwards and upwards and off to bed at a decent hour! Hooray!

*Ha! I mistyped ‘yard’ as ‘yarf’ and decided that ‘yarf’ was too hilarious a word not to share.