I have got to stop trying to stay up late.

Bub is teething, so sleep is erratic again despite our best intentions. We’ve got into a nice bedtime routine now, at least, so I can pretend to be a bit organised. And I’ve started  switching boobs for bottles. I decided it was more important for Bub to have a happy mum and formula than a cross mum and all the purported health benefits. Formula didn’t do me any harm as a baby so I’m not going to beat myself up. I stuck it out for 3 months so she had the best possible start.

The house still looks like a bomb site but I’m cooking things which aren’t solely based on tomato and pasta again which is doing my constitution the world of good. Also, the fact that I’m reading all of my old  childhood books again seems to have turned my morals and vocabulary all Victorian.

Also, this is incoherent babble. And it’s really bedtime.