This is Billy:

My brother tells me that he is a character in Everquest.

I feel it’s fairly evident that I love all things Game, but I’d like it noted here that I enjoy my games to have a story arc comprising beginning, middle and end, rather than the seemingly popular MMORPG beginning then endless grind. Nevertheless, when D- asked that I create this little fella from wool, I absolutely couldn’t resist.

My version is rather crude, as I made him using scraps rather than purpose-bought yarns. I have to say though, I’ve grown rather fond of him, and may struggle to hand him over.

My completed Billy doll.

Really, the buttons should all be the same but alas, my Nan's button tin didn't contain 3 that were suitable.

One of the rare occasions where my Frankenstein stitching looks right.

If  nothing else, this little exercise has proved that even though it takes longer than it would have done in pre-Bub days, I can still complete the odd project in the evenings. Which leads me to revisit the sweater I started knitting for father-in-law waaaaaaay back in March. Perhaps I can finish it in time for Christmas after all…