Don’t you just hate it when a project doesn’t go as planned.

I mean, the knitting I’m doing for my brother’s friend was going so well for so long that the inevitable pear shaping was bound to occur at the last-minute. I await him waking up tomorrow morning so I can ask him what he thinks via webcam.

How did we survive before webcam, by the way? How did we keep up with all the ins and outs and happenings of one another’s lives? I hate to think how much my folks would have missed out on with Bub’s growing up if I hadn’t been able to poke her in front of a camera daily.

As it is, they’ve been able to watch all kinds of things she’s been up to. And I’ve been able to bask in her reflected glory when my ‘rental units tell me how gorgeous she is.

At the moment, other than squeezing in the odd craft between gurgles, I’m trying to think of some way to earn my keep whilst remaining at home. Maternity pay dries up in November and I’m not going back to work… as things are, there isn’t any way that I can make money from my crafting – unless people want to purchase a lot of pen and inks of their houses (see etsy shop for details 😛 ). For once though, I’m not feeling overwhelmed by the prospect. Usually, when I’m penniless, jobless and prone to thinking, I end up deciding to write a bestseller, then procrastinate by applying for jobs. ..

We’ll see what happens though.