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I’m about to call my optician in Aberdeenshire to cancel a standing order that’s been going for years. It is my last non-familial tie with what I still consider to be my home.

It’s a funny feeling. Bub didn’t do it, buying the house didn’t do it, buying my very own oven didn’t do it. Cancelling my contact lens order is the first thing to make me feel like a grown up. My parents no longer pay for anything for me anymore…


In other news, when the old laptop died I lost all of my photos from Cornwall, some of Bub and all of my craft pics. I’m a wee bit cross.



I’ve not been blogging because I’ve been new-housing. Here are some before and after shots of some of the rooms:

This is the first room to have been completed. It's the little bedroom - transformed from a magnolia box with Bub in ...

... to a blue box with a chair in.

I will probably get into trouble for posting this picture, but it's actually the one of the living room with the least arse in...

... this is the living room, sans arse and pink walls.

As you can probably see, the living room needs another coat of paint, however I really like how it’s looking so far.

Whilst we were decorating, the boys took down the storage heaters so we could paint behind them and we came across this wonderful period wallpaper, original to the house…

When I am less engaged in decorating, I will take the time to write again and let you know how the house is coming along. Until then…


I’ve managed to complete my first project since Bub’s arrival.

As something of an experiment, I tried finger knitting. I don’t like holding large needles over Bub’s head during feeds so this seemed ideal, requiring only a ball of wool and my own grubby mits. Essentially, finger knitting is the same as French knitting so when you’re finished you end up with one long snake of stocking stitch. I had a go at French knitting when I was little, but I could never figure out what to do with the cord once I’d made it. Inevitably, my work would end up as a tangled knot on the cupboard floor and I’d return to putting my hamster in the remote control car. Without a hamster and a mini Jeep Cherokee though, I was forced to figure out what to make with my finger knitting.

Commonly, people create these multi-stranded scarves:

finger knit scarf


But as always, I wanted to create something different. Feeling distinctly unimaginative though, I decided to just finger knit the finger knitting to create a scarf.

Only, I didn’t have quite a long enough snake to do a scarf so I made this collar instead:

I’m going to get a costume brooch to fasten this – I’m thinking something with turquoise in. I reckon it’d look really stylish over a plain blue long-sleeved t-shirt with grey trousers or a skirt.

As I said in a previous post, I’ve been trying crochet and thought I’d post a picture of how I’ve been getting on. I’m only using acrylic wool for this practise run but it’s nice to work with, especially on my ivory crochet hook*.

So, verdict on new crafts? I love love love finger knitting. I also love the way crocheting looks but am undecided about the act of doing it. I think it’ll get increasingly addictive the more I do though.


* I thought it was plastic when I pilferred it from an antique sewing table of my mum’s. Closer inspection suggests ivory or bone.