Last night I decided to learn how to crochet, with a view to doing it whilst feeding. Knitting is too cumbersome to hover over Bub’s head, so I thought the nimble crochet hook might be the answer to my craft withdrawals.

Not so. Every type of crochet stitch I try my hand at ends up looking like a knotted penis. It gets narrower at one end and obscenely shaped at the other. It’s a bit frustrating. As with last year, I plan to make as many gifts as I possibly can this Christmas. So far, I’m half way through my father-in-law’s sweater – yes it should have been a birthday present but we got him a cook book instead – and have completed one knitting project which may or may not be for Christmas. It might serve as a birthday gift.

I think I’ll try finger knitting as my next endeavour. It’s basically French Knitting for those of you who had those funny wooden dolls, but on your fingers. I never knew what to do with the long strands it creates before and I probably won’t now, but if it’ll keep my hands busy during feeds then it can’t be all bad. We shall see….