Bex made the point after my last post that the best childhood memories take place in cars.

I couldn’t agree more. I tend to define my life in terms of which cars I, or my parents, have owned. Many a tale I’ve told has begun, “When we had the Golf convertible/Mini/Percy Polo,” and then continued with something totally irrelevant as if the person I’m talking to understands the bearing these cars have had at varying stages of my life.  No one other than my immediate family could ever know that the label Saab 95 covers my late teen years, or that the Subaru Forester represents the beginning of my relationship to my now-husband. And as for the immortal Bobby Boot… well…

I don’t know how other people define key stages of their lives – by years perhaps, houses?

On a totally unrelated note, I highly recommend Totsbots for reusable nappies. Not only are they UK based and super-ethical but they have the best customer service I have ever come across.