You may or may not have noticed a considerable decline in my number of posts recently, but I just got back from a trip to Cornwall with my group of friends from university. Aside from reminding me of how society functioned before mobile phones and the internet infiltrated every aspect of our lives, the time away got me thinking about how far my little group have come since we met.

Beginning in the same place – fresh out of school and eager to learn – we’ve all gone in very different directions. It’s funny to think how such similar people can end up leading such remarkably different lives. The journey home was very interesting as it gave me chance to think about the events which led me to be where I am today.

And as per usual, I am all too ineloquent to express how incredible I find the fact that as simple a decision as to fill in my last remaining UCAS application spot with a Danish language course, led to the creation of a whole new person. It boggles the mind.

And so, to prevent any further boggling – here are some arty pictures from our trip:

What I think of as the epitome of British summer holidays.

A friendly little robin we met at the Eden Project

And equally sociable lady-blackbird (I'm told - I know nothing about our feathered friends)

I took a lot of flowery pictures on this holiday...

Aaand now I will spam the page with the rest of the floral images

Well, I'll post this and the previous one. I'm feeling too lazy to add all 22 of my 'best of Eden' folder. Yes. There were enough flower shots to merit a 'best of'.

A cute little cafe that A- and I found while everyone else went scrambling over some rocks. We got tea though. Therefore, we won life.

This is a pretty harbour. I think I took this in Padstow.

But I’m tired now so any other pictures will have to wait for when I can’t think of anything else to write about (i.e. tomorrow).

Goodnight y’all.