So I didn’t even manage a single stitch of my knitting, but I did spend more time with Mum and Dad which is infinitely more important. And whilst I’m really looking forward to moving to the new house down here – yeah, we’re trying to buy a house at present – I wish it was closer to my folks.

I get it now, I think. Suddenly my relationship with my parents seems to make more sense. I always wanted to do well, thinking it would make them proud, but actually, any hopes and dreams anyone has for a child is that they’re happy, and that’s all. Bub could be a beggar for all I care, as long as she’s happy doing it*.

I guess, sappy as this is, that I want to thank my ‘rental units for all they’ve done for me. When I’ve called up in tears, begging to come home, when I’ve bitched and moaned about university, when I’ve just been generally miserable and determined to give up, they’ve always pushed me on, told me to keep going and to be brave because they’ve known what was the best thing for me. I understand now that it wasn’t being cruel, telling me to buck up my ideas and knuckle down. It must have been so hard for them to do because they had to see me unhappy doing it. I hope I’ve got that sort of strength.

Anyways, before I lame up the place with all my hormonal, emotional crap, I’d like to report that the fruit bushes in the garden are going nuts. We’ll have raspberries galore, strawbs, goosegogs and blackcurrants. And that’s before the hedgerow harvest. I am so tempted to take all my glorious plants with me when I go but I this place has given me so much that I want to leave something here – a friend of mine called it an exchange. She always leaves a lock of her hair behind at special places and I think my leaving plants here would be rather fitting, given that the cottage is called Garden Bungalow.

Also, if anyone has any suggestions as to how to kick a giant chocolate button habit, I’d love to hear them. I am so addicted it isn’t even funny. I will never be thin again at this rate.


*Clearly I’d rather she was financially stable, driving a Morgan and enjoying the finer things in life but I’ll be chuffed for her as long as she enjoys whatever she’s up to.