The bag is finished. It took until 1.30am last night/this morning but I’m actually really proud of the results. I have something neat, something functional and something that I actually like the design of. This is a rare thing for me.

Of course there are things I think I can do better next time – like making sure my machine can sew through the many layers I plan to use during construction – but overall, I am thrilled.

The side-view of the bag. The bottom has been made from nice, hard-wearing denim so that when it's being tossed around in the boots of various cars, it's less likely to get ripped and ruined.

This is the bag from the side. Though its actually oblong, because the fabric isn't stiff enough it doesn't really hold it's shape especially well. That's another thing I'd alter if making it again. You can see the main zip on the top and one of the ones down the side.

Close up of the main zip - the machine actually did this one, despite the zip itself being very thick... it's all very strange!

The sides of the oblong zip down to create what is essentially - if my primary-school maths terminology is right - a net for the oblong-shape. The red you can see is a large, cube pocket stitched to the side of the bag.

This is the bag, completely unfolded. The pocket on the left is full of clean things, whereas the pocket on the right is full of plastic bags to deposit dirty nappies and such in.

This is the German pig of happiness - long story - demonstrating where baby lies. When I get round to it, there will be detachable, washable covers for the changing-mat area so that if accidents do happen, I don't have to wash the entire bag. I did try to get Artemis all dressed up in a nappy and bonnet for this shot, but she was having none of it...

My slave-driver. She sits behind me on the sofa and bats me when I try to get up and do other things... I think she looks rather elegant these days. Her dodgy eye seems to be getting better and she's getting her grown-up cat face. We'll see how she reacts when it's no longer a piggy on the mat...

As I said, I want to add detachable covers to the main body of the mat and to make everything as washing-friendly as possible, I have a plan for the dirty nappy pocket. I want to make an outer bag of fused plastic with various inner bags made from towel. The outer bag will protect the pocket fabric, whilst the inner bag can be removed and placed directly in the washing machine without my having to fish around for dirty, pooey things. Finally, I want to make a bicarb odor-eater to help the fused-plastic bag contain the smell. I think I’m going to make this shaped like a toy or something and put it on a string so that bub has something to play with whilst they’re being changed. When all is done, it should be a very self-contained little changing station.

Well, I hope I haven’t bored everyone to tears with all of this. I did promise not to ramble on about babies, but I’m excited about the design here and more than just a little chuffed with myself for coming up with it. As always, comments and suggestions are very, very welcome.