Only the 5 zips and 2 large inner pockets to work into the nappy bag before completion. I’d say this was a labour of love, but I don’t even like the idea of the damn thing. Lugging around bags with poop-related paraphernalia has never exactly been my idea of a good time.

I find myself growing increasingly grumpy – I don’t know whether it’s the heat, the fact I move like a walrus, or a combination of the above things and my growing distaste for the general populus. Yesterday, I handed my phone to husband simply because I didn’t feel like I could deal with the world at large. I needn’t have worried – the calls I did get were rather good news. The car cost £200 less than anticipated at the MOT and has a clean bill of health. My first love has had a full service, new brake pads and with the lovely new tyres too, is fit for the road for another year. Long may we have many adventures together.

I will update with pictures of the nappy bag later if I ever manage to finish it. And I will update with the story of the mouse. For now, let it suffice that I am very tired and have a cat with selective perception. When you don’t want dead creatures in your house you get hundreds, when you want something dead…

Watch this space.