After waking up about ten times during the night, suddenly needing to sew right now, I decided that today was as good a day as any to begin the mammoth project I’ve been putting off for what seems like forever. It doesn’t sound that big a thing when I tell people I’m making a nappy bag, but it feels rather epic to me. Not only does my design fold out into a full-sized changing mat and have separate sections for clean and dirty reusable nappies, but it also has washable covers for the changing surface. And 5 zips which all need fitting on the corners… naturally.

As usual, despite having been very careful in my planning of the bag – even going so far as to construct a miniature paper version – nothing is working as it should be. The new needles for the Jones continue to give me trouble and I find that for the first time ever, I need to start altering the machine’s tension, according to the fabric I’m using. Because I’ve never done this before – and hope never to do it again, if I’m honest – it’s like learning to machine sew from the very beginning. Frustrating, but I suppose less so than struggling with the Brother which would, in times gone by, have been employed for the job.

I have another two projects planned: baby clothes, so that I can say I actually made something for Bub to wear, and a nursing top because that’s what I woke up during the night obsessing over. Although as I wrote that, I realised that actually, I have a dress to make for Mum too, and will probably remember a further ten things as I go through my stash… That said, whilst I love being able to say I’ve sewn something myself, the actual act of doing so is getting less and less enjoyable as knitting continues to dominate my crafty brain. We’ll see how tomorrow goes – if I somehow manage to sort out the nappy bag, perhaps I’ll feel better… As always, I will post photos on completion.