I’m still not sure why I let myself read the Daily Mail. I’m sure its only purpose is the crossword, and to angry up my blood when I accidentally scan the headlines in passing. The latest motoring injustice, as I see it at any rate, is that apparently drivers who don’t renew their car insurance will have their vehicles clamped on their own driveway. Read the article here.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can see why being without insurance would be an issue if you parked the car on the roadside. Someone might come along, two days after you’ve brought your brand new Micra, and scratch your back wheel arch into a striped mess of Coral Blue and base metal – an event which inevitably leads to a 4 year war with Halfords over the name of the paint. Cobalt Blue is navy, thank you very much, and the car you’ve just seen is that stupid light pearly blue which was used in all the Motro David Lynch ads when the K12 came out. //end Micra colour rant.

Now where was I? Ah yes. I can see why you’d need insurance with on-street parking but when the vehicle is in your driveway, you’re in hospital or on holiday or otherwise unable to pick up your post for whatever reason, is there honestly any harm in leaving it uninsured? What’s the worst that could happen? It gets stolen, and the wanker who nabbed it is caught by the police for driving without insurance. Boo hoo. Besides, if you’re the sort who wants to risk going out in an uninsured car anyway, I doubt the threat of £100 fine and a clamping is going to do any good.

Also, what the hell happened to private property? Since when could traffic enforcement people – or whatever they’re called these days – come onto my driveway and start messing with my wheels? Surely they’d need some kind of warrant or something? If the police have to have one then these guys would too? And isn’t an increase in paperwork just wasting yet more money on pointless bureaucracy?

The whole idea that this is for the good of the motoring public is just a joke. It’s simply yet another way to snatch money from people and top up the coffers.

But enough about these petty games and onto some good petty games.

I’ve finished my brothers’ Christmas present – yes, that’s right. With only minutes to spare before… oh wait. I’m eight months early… Anyhow, knowing that D- would never do something as uncool as read his big sister’s blog, here are some pictures of the awesome über-micro gloves that I made him.

Having finished these already is problematic though. It means I actually have to begin the father-in-law’s sweater, and true to form, husband has asked that I make one using the same pattern as I did my dad’s and my brother’s. Yes, that’s right, the evil pattern which hasn’t turned out the size it’s supposed to be once. To top it off, I’m knitting it in what is apparently Rowan’s DK wool… only it’s not. It’s like working with embroidery thread.

I may be gone quite some time…