Isn’t it always the way that when you’re on the edge of something monumental, a hundred little things come along at once and hold you back, just as you’re about to take the plunge.* We saw the mortgage advisor yesterday and were told that there shouldn’t be any problems with us buying a house. Shortly after that though, realisation regarding a lot of things started to dawn and though we’re so close, we’re also still very far away.

It’s frustrating to say the least. Seeing what you could get if just a few miniscule things were to happen, imagining the life you might lead with masses of fruit bushes, chickens and nettles… Maybe even a few sheep and a spinning wheel…

And then realising that at this stage, that isn’t for you. Not because you don’t want it enough, not because you don’t work hard enough, but because the system is against you.

So to make myself feel better, I made husband a chocolate apology cake and am embarking on some secret knitting. As most of the things flying from my needles are gifts, they probably won’t make it onto here for a while but I’m thoroughly enjoying planning this far in advance. Fingers crossed that by Christmas, I’ll be ready to repeat this year’s homemade gift success. Yesterday, I managed to finish knitting two and a half projects so as long as I continue to keep things small and manageable, I think I’ll be ok.


*Mixed metaphor, bad analogy, terrible English. Whatever. My brain has been eaten by knitting complete buttonholes in a single row and years of caffeine abuse. Switching to decaf tea throughout pregnancy has left me firing on far fewer cylinders than normal.