So apparently there’s talk of changing the MOT rules in order to save motorists money. 

‘If we can move from first test at four years and yearly thereafter to four years, then two and then yearly, motorists could save £100.’ — Transport Secretary Philip Hammond, Daily Mail

I get really cross. Apparently these new measures are supposed to make motoring more affordable for everyone, but actually what it’s doing is making it more affordable for those who can already afford brand new cars.  And let’s face it, £100 will only buy two tanks of petrol for a 1.2L hatchback – it’s hardly going to get someone on minimum wage on the road.

I’m not generally interested in politics. As Dad once told me, “No matter who you vote for, the government get in.”* Still, I’m thinking of setting up my own party. I’m going to call it the Common Sense Party. We’re going to invest money in infrastructure, education and hospitals. We’re going to do away with the pointless admin currently involved in the NHS, do away with road tax since there’s already so much tax on petrol. Fuel prices will then only be allowed to rise according to inflation. Then we’ll increase duties on tobacco, alcohol and fatty foods since these all lead to health problems that will cost the health service lots of money. Imported foods will also be more heavily taxed, encouraging people to buy locally grown things, helping our farming communities and thus the Great British Economy. I’ll scrap banks and turn all of the existing ones into building societies so that people with money invested in them actually see some of the profits. We’ll do away with university tuition fees so that people don’t begin their adult lives in debt. We would penalise people who produce more household waste than the national average so that landfill would decrease.

And I’ll stop dreaming. Lots of people will probably tell me all kinds of complicated reasons why my idealistic regime wouldn’t work in the real world. And I’ll get cross because it should work. It should be that easy to make the world make sense. Whatever happened to cause and effect? The only thing people really care about – despite what we’d like to believe about one another – is money, so if we want to change how the population live, we need to make it more expensive to do the things we don’t want, and cheaper to do the things we do want.

It’s times like this that I just want to drop out somehow – if such an option exists. If I were younger and less jaded I might start believing in anarchy or something equally stupid, but as soon as you get into the system and meet lots of different people, you soon come to realise that capitalism is the only thing that’s ever going to work. It’s depressing.

In any case, at the present time, I can’t drop out. And nor can I afford a brand new car. I’ll be booking Charlie Micra in for his MOT and praying that for once, nothing is going to have dropped off or corroded beyond repair.


*I make a point of voting, regardless. People died so that I could and I’m not going to take that for granted.