For someone who feels as though a cheese-grater is moving slowly through their body, I feel that I’ve accomplished rather a lot today. During the ever-pleasant headache I managed to complete a Poncho/Cape which I’ve been promising Mum for at least a year:


Not the most complex item of clothing in the world but very comfy and snuggly. With room enough for me and bump, I hope it's not too big for Mum...

Not the most flattering picture in the world, but then, how does one take a flattering picture of their back?


When my headache turned into a rather suspicious stomach ache, I decided to hole-up in the living room with my knitting and managed to complete the rather subtle computer-game motif which will grace my brother’s birthday tank-top. Yes. He asked for a tank top.


Pacman ghost for the bottom left corner of the top - the cuffs and collar of the v-neck tank will be the same colour as the main body of the ghost so everything should tie in rather tastefully...


The tank top actually follows the same pattern as my last project – the wicked sweater – did. Despite using the same needles and the same wool, I pretended that the gauge on this was different which has cut the width by nearly 10 inches. This is perfect for my super-skinny brother who make’s S- – modelling the sweater – look like a big fat blob.

Anyways, such is my day so far. I plan to return to snoozing in the sun on the sofa now, enjoying the beginning of the barbecue season as it signals the end of my annual cooking shift. Man food from now until October! Hooray!