Mum sent me this joke yesterday and for some reason, it just creased me up:

A shepherd says to his sheepdog, “Go into that field and count the sheep.
The dog runs off, comes back two minutess later and says “There are 40.”
The shepherd sreplies,  “That’s funny, there should only be 37.”
The dog nods, “Yes I know, but I rounded them up.”

I tried driving again for a hospital appointment after a week off and didn’t enjoy it for the first time in my life. I can’t turn to check my blind spots these days and it’s rather disconcerting that it’s not illegal for me to pull out into traffic. Still, I’m home now and happily installed on my sofa.

And annoyingly, I still haven’t spoken to the landlord. Despite saying he was going to come round, neither I nor any of my neighbours saw him so I never did get the chance to ask about the strange woman with the Ridgeback. The gardener, on the other hand, did appear so perhaps she thinks he’s the landlord… ? In any case, I’m hoping it’ll all be immaterial soon. The Haynes Home Buying and Selling manual is in the post and whilst I can’t see it happening in the very near future – despite the fact we’re going to look at a property the next village over today – it feels like a positive step towards moving on and creating something that is really ours.

Is this nesting in the extreme? I do love this little cottage and it has been so, so good to us, but having to answer to someone else when we want to stop the bathroom from falling into a further state of disrepair, or fix the gutters so the walls at the back don’t end up with damp is so frustrating. But then, that’s the rental mindset – if people don’t have to live in a place, nothing is urgent. Perhaps I’ll try to find some asbestos in the crumbling bathroom walls and see how quick they move when Health and Safety are involved.