The wicked sweater has been completed and actually, it’s not nearly as bad as it seemed during the creation process. It will be slightly too large, but rather that than skinny fit and emo looking.


It looks fairly standard from the front, and in fairness, the design is incredibly simple. Husband is slightly thinner than Dad, but not by enough that those giant sleeves will hang right when the sweater finds its recipient.

A side view of the sleeve - you can see my dodgy shoulder join and the fact that S-'s arms appear to be wearing boat sails.

This is where the sweater really is a let-down. It just hangs all wrong at the back and you can see the many extra folds of fabric. Hopefully though, Dad won't think to try and look at the back in a mirror so I might be lucky and get away with it... unless Mum blabs.

Speaking of wicked, the cat now thinks I’m the devil because I’m washing her bed. She was sleeping in it when I made the decision to see if it was still cream beneath the layers of ancient, shedded fluff so I can kind of forgive her. I tried to move her onto a lovely soft cushion in the living room so she could continue her sleep but instead, she wandered off into the garden and returned with yet another headless rabbit. This one, though, I think was a warning. “Wake me again, woman,” she seemed to say with her big green eyes, “and this could be you.”