A somewhat blurry photo from the door. Opposite the cot, there is a chest of drawers with a baby bath on, a dining seat which we found in the house when we moved in and a painting by my great granddad of some boats... I will photograph it at some other point because the painting is well worth sharing.

As requested after my last post, here is a photo I took of the nursery. I will take some better ones at a later date… if someone will remind me. As you can see, the rocking chair was covered in fabric left over from the curtains and there is now the nursing pillow and patchwork playmat, lying in wait by the door.

Rather selfishly, the room is set up for my own personal comfort. There is a book-case beside the chair, and a little table for my tea, and the complete Calvin and Hobbes… For the moment, it is my safe hiding place from the cat and her various headless kills… We’re now at baby rabbit number 6. None of which have had heads.