So we went to look at a house yesterday afternoon with the vague thought of purchase somewhere in the back of our minds. It’s an adorable little place – all beams, sash windows and inglenook fireplaces. And it needs a lot of work, is by the road side and to be able to afford it we’d need to mortgage ourselves to the hilt and sell my little car*.

The experience was interesting, nevertheless. It’s nice to know that if we did pootle down some back-lane and see a little gem of a property that it wouldn’t necessarily be out of our reach. And it’s telling in that it shows just how much I’ve changed over the last year. Home for me has become a state of mind and is represented by so many different things – when I’m abroad, home is Britain. When I’m in Britain, home is Scotland. When I’m in Scotland home is the Aberdeenshire wilds. Yet when I think of a building, home is very much where I am now – complete with dodgy whirligig, stinky fighting cat and the world’s best garden. It is familiarity, safety, and the knowledge that if everything else in the world went belly-up, there’d still be hot running tea and a big snuggly blanket somewhere in the vicinity. I used to want to go out and change everything – now I just want to hide in my little corner and snooze the days away with the cat, surfacing every few hours to put a cake in the oven for S- or knit something bee related.

Yes, I have been at the bees again. On Saturday night, when picking husband up from town, I was informed that it had been his work-wife’s birthday. The following morning –  after doing the decent thing and providing bacon and egg sandwiches – I set about making another bee-cosy. This one needed to be slightly different though, as my stocks of garish yellow wool seem to be rapidly depleting. As a result, this sepia-coloured honey-jar design seemed best. I’m not so sure about the writing on it but that could just be because it’s my first time at incorporating patterns into the actual knitting. Normally I just stick with stripes as they’re easy to work in, but after M-‘s excellent tutorial, I’ve been itching to give this a go. I learnt a lot just from doing this one and look forward to being able to try something a little more complex – it is a very addictive technique. Ninja Turtle sweaters, here I come!


I went for the sepia, Pooh-Bear honey jar look. I think the browns and yellow look really '70s.

Close up of a bee's face.

The teapot's spout - you can see all the swarming bees here.

Here you can see the bee's massively impressive wingspan!




* Today is a sad day for Charlie and I anyway. I have officially taken myself off the road because I am too spherical to turn to check my blind-spots. I honestly thought S- would have to fight the keys from me to stop me driving myself to hospital, but here we are… Now I just need to call A- and say I won’t be over tomorrow as planned. After 86 years of long and healthy life, I don’t want to be the death of him.