As requested, I will now relate the story of the kiwi cake.

The kiwi cake was, in fact, so well received that no one even gave me time to even ice the thing, let alone take any pictures. Little hands enjoyed picking out the raisins whilst the grown-ups liked the very moist texture and the fact that unlike most cakes which involve dried fruit, the fact that this one was very light.

As usual, I didn’t really follow a recipe, but in this case I did use an Aussie one as a guide having never cooked a kiwi fruit before.

The original instructions called for:

2 cups of self raising flour (though I used about 400g)
½ tspn cinnamon
125g butter/marg (butter all the way, thanks!)
1 cup caster sugar (again, I used guesswork and added around 200g)
4 chopped and peeled kiwi fruits
2 eggs

In addition, I added:
some dried mango cut into little bits
a handful of raisins
some dried apricots
a bunch of glace cherries

All of my additional dried fruit was soaked in tea until it went squishy.

After creaming the butter and sugar together I just tossed everything else into the bowl and shoved it in the oven until it was finished. People tell me my oven does have a temperature gauge on, but I’ve never used it. I just turn the dial until it won’t go any more and keep checking things to see if they’re done. If the cake is raw but black, I shove some tin foil over the top to stop it colouring any more. Seems to have worked fine so far.

One day, I’ll stop being quite so haphazard with my baking so I can share some of my recipes a little more easily, however for now the effort is far too great and the time spent writing things down could be better spent making absurd quantities of rice pudding and Bolognese to put in the freezer… which is what I’m doing at this very moment in time.