When I started looking for new and interesting presser feet for my Jones Family CS last night, I stumbled upon Workaid – a charity which specialises in providing tools to those who might be able to make a living from them. They collect all manner of sewing machines – as well as other sorts of hardware – and send them out to various other places across the globe. They don’t care what condition the machines are in as they can be used for spares and repairs regardless so I know what I’ll be doing with any future machine I don’t get along with!

Also in my googling last night, it came to light that my darling Jones can do far more than I initially thought. And there’s a woman in Norfolk who sells the presser feet which will allow me to do machine embroidery with the hand crank, as well as replace the bobbin winding tyre, thus stopping it from squeaking and the cat from thinking I’ve caught her a mouse.

I did manage to finish my nursing pillow, but I was so tired I kept making really stupid mistakes and as a result, I’m not sure I’m happy with it. It doesn’t look bad for something which initially fell apart but because it initially fell apart, all I can see are the various imperfections there. Even so, it saved me £20 as it was made from the various bits of fabric in my stash and some stuffing I bought for the bear I knitted

In any case, I’m actually really enjoying making things which I will use and which have some sort of real-world function.  The patchwork I’ve made before has all been for the sake of making patchwork – I’ve bought so many pretty quilts over the years that I had no need to keep those I made myself. But enough of that, I will stop stalling and show you some pictures of what – in the light of day – isn’t such a bad effort afterall.

The patchwork nursing pillow in the nursery. It is far bigger than I'd initially thought it would be - as a result, the size of coordinating other things I have planned will have to be reviewed... The idea was to make a nursing pillow and pillow case so that the later could be washed, should anything grotty happen. I think this means I'll have to make a second pillow case but that can wait until another day.

As stated before, I don't do hand-sewing and my machine doesn't (yet) do button holes. In order to fasten the pillow case, I stitched some of my trusty green ribbon along the small v-shaped section. I don't know if I like how it looks, but I definitely liked how little work it was.