With the speaker from the big PC down from its lofty perch on the back wall, the dining room is oddly silent today. And the living room too – husband has fixed the broken fan in the laptop, allowing it to express its discomfort at any heat with a soft hum rather than a choking fit. With only the sound of the cat crunching baby rabbit (number three) to keep me company, I feel a little lonely for the first time since I finished work.

No matter though – I’m sure that half a packet of jelly beans, some more tea and the steady clunk of the sewing machine will perk me up endlessly. Today I am making a ring cushion for a friend’s wedding and a nursing cushion for me. When I was making the patchwork play mat for bump, I had a quick look on Mothercare to see how much it would cost to just buy the things I was going to sew. As it turned out that I’d have to part with a whopping £130, I decided that sewing was still the best way to go, but it’s left me with all sorts of questions as to how to best go about making the patterns for my planned creations. You see, my sewing machine only sews forwards in a straight line and doesn’t do button holes. I hate hand-sewing, so doing any sort of tedious button-holey sort of work is out of the question. I don’t much care for zips either so any openings I make tend to involve ribbon closings. Sometimes it looks very stylish. Other times, it looks as if the project has brightly coloured worms…

Some time later…


The colours are not fantastic because the light is funny today, but here is the ring pillow finished and on the wash stand. It's a minty-green sort of shade in real life.

A demonstration - note the wedding ring tied onto the ribbon. Ooh - functionality as well a beauty! Not just coloured worms today!

Close up of the front.

Embroidery is obviously not for me... The initials are those of the bride and groom and the date is when they're due to get hitched. The bride sews too so she can use this as a pin cushion when normality returns post-nuptials.

Depending on whether I finish today or tomorrow – or never as I seem to be procrastinating by ‘blogging – you might get to see the nursing pillow I’m in the process of making or the model of the cunning nappy bag I’ve planned!