Everyone says that pregnancy leads to nesting, yet until I suddenly decided that I needed to rearrange my whole house for a Victorian wash stand, I wasn’t prepared to believe it. Today though, in preparation for the lovely bit of furniture which will become my sewing desk, I have raided the shed for the remainder of the wooden boxes which I stumbled on last year. Mum recently gave me a load of tester paints from Farrow and Ball so I’m decorating them in a range of very lovely chalky shades.

AND, best of all, the various bits of furniture we wanted rid of have been spoken for or have already been taken. The living room is looking lovely now and as soon as husband manages to rid the laptop of what can only be described as its death rattle, I will post some pics. The problem is that whilst our desktop computer is superior in almost every way, it doesn’t have a build in SD card reader. And the multi card reader we had been using apparently only functions with XD these days… oh the joys of technology.

Naturally, because I can’t have pictures in this post, I really want them. As a result, here are some that I dragged out of an email. They were taken in the five minutes I could stand the whirring of the laptop and the one of the little bench shows it in its temporary home. The one of the bear was taken by Mum and shows Rupert wearing the sweater I made for him – the pattern for which is available here.


Rupert, looking smart and ready for a night on the town.

This looked like the world's ugliest dresser in the antique shop, but at £65 and with perfect measurements, it was too good a bargain to pass up. I actually quite like it now that it's home and covered with bottles of booze. I will replace the handles when money is a little more readily available, but until then it serves a purpose.

This replaces the old cream sofa seen in my last post. It was an impulse buy at an antique fair we stumbled upon. The really clever part is that the seat panels come up, allowing you to put storage boxes underneath but still have easy access to your wool... because all storage in this house is for craft supplies.