It is done. I worked right up until 8pm in the end – after a 9am start – and finished sewing the final seam up by hand about half an hour ago.

The playmat/patchwork quilt is displayed on the washing line, however it wasn’t until I was eating breakfast across from Artemis – who, by taking advantage of my sleep induced haze, had somehow managed to get away with being asleep on the fruits of yesterday’s labour on the dining table – that I realised I have no idea whether my child’s future grot-magnet is washable or not. And by washable, I don’t mean able to soak in bucket, I mean able to spin in the machine because I am incredibly lazy and think hand-washing is for chumps. Regardless, the blanket will need to be washed now after having been used as a cat bed for the world’s filthiest animal. Honestly, when I finally did talk her into moving she left a Sahara worth of sandy muck in the little pocket she’d managed to tuck herself into.

Anyway, I’ll stop stalling. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are some pictures of my latest quilt.


This is the whole pattern of the quilt - I didn't quite have enough navy so I swapped in some red squares at random. I really like the effect they have though.

This is a close up of the fabrics used - you might have to click to open the picture in a tab of its own to see the nursery rhyme pattern on the cream blocks but the print is a sort of water-coloury-style one.

This one might give a better view of the cream blocks - I don't know. In any case, you can see my gorgeous old Jones proudly surveying its latest work.

And finally, the obligatory arty shot. But because the sun isn't out it doesn't look that arty...