I have now done the preliminary weeding of the flower beds and all that remains is the veggie patch and the strawberry plant pots. Naturally I’ll need to wait a little while and then do a second round of weeding because the first never gets everything out, but I think I will actually manage to get a lovely cottage gardeny sort of look this year. W- from next door helped me identify some fox-gloves in the field which needed separating, and we’ve swapped a few bedding plants which should make for a slightly more diverse border for both of us.

I really wish I had some more space though – I want to plant so many lovely things and I really do think I’ve crammed everything in to bursting point (in the hopes that there are fewer weeds to remove next year). A-, who I go and see during the week, has some edible plants for me – some tomatoes and tatties – so I will finish the vegetable patch off tomorrow and pick those up on Tuesday. Hopefully someone will be nice and helpful at the garden centre I pass on my way home and load some compost into the car for me.

While I was digging up half of the vegetable patch (and before the fox-gloves distracted me) I found the only surviving carrot from last year’s crop. Before the rabbits could organise themselves and wrestle it from me in a scene worthy of Wallace and Gromit, I washed it under the garden tap and ate it. At only 3cm long it made a humble mouthful, but I enjoyed it all the same. There’s something about eating things from your own garden – no matter how small they are – which feels wholesome and good.

The only other news I have to report at this point is that I am selling the old sofa on ebay, if anyone wants it. It’s very squishy, and cat paw marks wipe right off – good to know if your mog also steps in unspeakable things.