Charlie Micra is currently enjoying four lovely new tyres courtesy of husband and I am enjoying not worrying about the hole on the outside wall of the front passenger wheel. Driving on rubbers which are no longer hazardous to my health is intoxicatingly reassuring and if fuel was not as cripplingly expensive as it currently is, I would certainly be out playing on little windy back roads at this point in time.

Instead I am sitting on my sofa, drinking nettle tea and listening to the ‘Wicked’ soundtrack. I went to see the musical – my first London theatre performance – over the weekend and absolutely loved it. Aside from the fact the performance was amazing, I got to spend the day grazing through London with my girlies and even treated myself to a cake from Fortnum and Mason. When I go exploring ancient civilisations in a gung-ho 20s sort of a way, rest-assured all of my supplies will come from there. As will my masses of green make up.

You see, during last week’s mad clean-up operation, I discovered my old programs and newspaper cuttings from shows I’d been in as a child, and seeing ‘Wicked’ has only served to reinforce my desire to tread the boards again. I don’t think my singing voice is quite up to playing the witch, but oddly coloured make up was such an integral part of the scripts we used to do that I can’t imagine getting up on stage without painting myself with at least a primary colour.

Anyways, I have now finished my bag of Waitrose brand ‘Skips’ and will go and put the kettle on again. Needless to say my sojourn to the tyre shop took up all of the nice weather today so the garden is still not fully weeded… tomorrow, friends. Tomorrow.


For those interested in computer games/women’s issues (I guess), this is a pretty insightful video.