Finally, the devil sewing machine is gone! Despite explaining to my colleague that I hated using the Brother machine, she volunteered to give the monstrosity a new home. I hope she fares better with it than I did.

I don’t know whether the machine’s foul nature is catching or not, but since touching it first thing this morning I’ve been in a horrible mood, snarling about all manner of things and in particular the ‘traffic light’ system of nutritional information on food. If you were to believe those little Trivial Pursuit cheeses on packaging, you’d think that milk and fruit juice were bad for you. I find them terribly misleading. Yes, there is fat in milk but even whole milk only has 4%, which is less than some diet milkshakes. And yes, fruit juice does contain sugar, but it’s better for you than the refined sort you get in sweets and cakes, and certainly better for you than the chemical sweetners of  diet sodas.

I’ll stop myself there for fear of boring you all. I just wish people would use their common sense and eat things in moderation. Of course you’re going to get fat if you live on nothing but frozen pizza but by the same token if you only ever eat brocoli, you’re not going to be very healthy either.

Speaking of moderation, I am failing to moderate my knitting addiction and am now onto side two of the sweater. I have also been asked to create a matching one in red so the pressure is on to finish. I’m enjoying it though, even if it is just primarily stocking stitch – it’s all a learning curve after all. I am simultaneously making a scarf which to me, feels like having a rest from the grind so I’m even productive in my ‘leisure hours’.

Anyways, tomorrow – weather permitting – I will be out in the garden planting. If the camera decides to work, I’ll take some pictures to brighten up the ‘blog. I am feeling an absence of photography.