I don’t know whether it’s having spent my childhood Sundays in church that did it*, or whether the word itself has some kind of gravity, but when confronted with a giant envelope that says ‘Census’ on, my initial reaction is to put it on Dad’s ‘to-do’ file and wander off because it all seems too important and biblical to involve me. In actuality, the census is just a series of inane questions that even the most hung over monkey could do in their sleep… Heaven knows why it makes my brain hurt when I look at it.

As a result, I can’t use it as procrastination for the quilt I’m supposed to be making and instead, am using the quilt as procrastination from the census. Or maybe I’ll just go for a drive and buy myself some tasty lunch and a big pile of bedding plants. The contents of my fridge are somewhat limited to say the least…


*Thus associating census’ with the nativity story. What is the plural of census anyway?