Last night, I began knitting this lovely lacey scarf which I found on Turvid’s Blog. The lace stitch is simple, if  a little repetitive after a while, and creates a neat pattern which lends itself well to a scarf.

Of course, being me, nothing is ever that simple, and when I started knitting it was already nearly ten o’clock at night. By the time my eyes were drooping, I’d dropped about seventeen of the twenty-four original stitches and managed to tangle the cat up in the yarn. I’m beginning to think that this is actually a proper addiction I have – I feel at a bit of a loss when there aren’t needles twitching in my hands and though my friends’ and family members’ birthdays aren’t for ages yet, I’ve either already embarked on making their gifts, or know exactly what I’m going to produce.

I wish I was faster than I am, so that I would have enough hours in the day to finish all the things I plan to do. I’m hoping the weather turns soon so that I can get weeding in the garden and concentrate on cooking and preserving again. My wonderful neighbours have weeded the large vegetable patch and set about planning what to plant, so I feel I should concentrate on fruits and herbs, allowing us to trade produce and grow as much as we can in our little collective. I honestly don’t think we could have found a better place than we have here – not for renting anyway. Little Artemis seems to enjoy keeping everyone’s gardens mouse-free – though we seem to be the only ones who reap the rewards of mouse stomachs on the carpet.

Time seems to have sped up now that I’m back in my idyllic little world – just goes to show that the old saying is true. Time does fly when you’re having fun. Unless I get out in the world soon, nettle season will be all but over before I’ve had chance to replenish my tea stocks. Watch this space… I will learn to leave the needles behind.