Here is some advice for anyone looking to buy a new camera:

Never spend more money on a camera than you did on your first car. It will break in a heart-wrenching fashion – just like the car did – but unlike the car, the camera will make a lousy trampoline, and because there are no tyres you won’t be able to get back any of your money by selling bits of it for scrap.

My advice? Go to a charity shop, pick up an old point and click thing and a grab a scanner from Tesco next time you’re on the motorway and need to use a loo. Film is still the way forward.

In any case, here are some pictures of a hot water bottle cover which I knitted. The quality is not great, as you might expect after the above rant. If I had the foresight to make an almost identical cover that could actually be removed and washed, do you think it would be worth offering on etsy? The wool is Paton’s ‘Shadow Tweed’ and is really lovely and soft.

The Shadow Tweed changes shade gradually so it looks almost dip-dyed.

From the back...

The lovely, but purely decorative, buttons.

P.S.: I decided to take the plunge and put this up for sale. People will either like it and buy it or they won’t. Also, the wool is surface wash only so being removable is something of a non-issue anyway. If you’re interested in buying this, why not visit my shiny new etsy page?