Does anyone out there know whether a knitted hot-water bottle cover would need lining to protect the user from getting burned by the rubber?

And has anyone else noticed that watching people driving on the left on TV looks weird because we’re used to seeing American programming?

Also, Back to the Future 3 has a plot hole big enough to drive a Delorean through. When Marty goes back to 1885, there are two time vehicles there: the one he travels in – modified by 1955 Doc – and the one that 1985 Doc arrived in and hid in the mine for Marty to find in 1955. All they had to do when Marty cut the fuel line was patch it up and drain the petrol from the car in the mine to use in the 1955 modified version.  It’s not as though doing so would affect the discovery of the car in the 50s either, as the petrol in the tank would have lost a great deal of its potency in the 70 year gap anyways.