Well, I’ve officially lost the plot. Yesterday, I made a point of getting to Waitrose before closing time in order to buy some of the most important household items required for life in Garden Bungalow: toilet paper and kitchen roll.* In a moment that can only be described as a brain fart, however, I came away with all kinds of pink sprinkles and neither of the items I desperately need for my home to function.

The pink sprinkles weren’t a total loss, mind you. They have helped to disguise the fact that my awesomely pink grapefruit cake tastes rather bitter. The red fruit makes the prettiest colour of mixture, however the aftertaste – and do bear in mind that I’ve only tried it raw – is very tart. I tried adding vanilla and cardamom to sweeten it slightly but there is still that bite there. I don’t actually mind it, but I’m sure that those who don’t regularly consume a whole grapefruit as a snack will find it rather noticeable. Hence the pink sprinkles – sight plays such a huge part in our enjoyment of food that I am curious as to whether or not the association of pink and strawberry flavour will override the natural citrus after taste.

Sadly, as I’m leaving at 7am, I won’t get to hear the opinions of the day staff…

Anyways, since the laptop is infected with all kinds of evil virus’, and because as a result I am using the giant computer in an upright position** I can’t just pass out at the keyboard.  Which is why I am required to go and pass out in bed with my knitting instead.

I bid thee all adieu.


*Naturally, the most important items in the house are the various accoutrements required for tea – mugs, kettle, tea bags, milk, me.

** I’d actually forgotten how nice it is to type at a desk.