In 24 hours I will be waking up and getting ready for my last shift.

Ending was a rather pleasing prospect in the run-up to my leave, but in actuality I’m rather scared about the coming months. I know I have a great deal of crafting that I can do but suddenly, the idea of leaving behind a job that I’m good at, and which I enjoy a great deal*, is rather daunting. I will miss my fellow staff very much.

This in mind, I plan to bake my way into ward memory with some flowery iced cookies and a grapefruit and almond cake. It’s off to sleep now while S- plays the xbox, then up late in the kitchen to try to set my body-clock for my night shift. Wish me luck. If the grapefruit cake is a success I will post my recipe.

Presuming someone reminds me…


*Yes, I know I’ve complained before but I’m coming to realise that incredible colleagues can make up for even the most unobliging patient.