Whoever thought knitting a jumper could be so hard?! And it isn’t the actual knitting which is difficult – though doubtless that complaint will come when I get to the collar – my problem at present is finding and obtaining enough wool.

After buying the entire stock of my shade in John Lewis, I returned to my pattern to find that I was still three balls short. A quick look on ebay revealed that this was not a common colour of Paton’s double knit, and that rather than having started a lovely grey sweater, I had actually started something of a quest to discover stores stocking Patons Wool Blend DK in shade 00195.

My first morning of searching revealed that a single online shop stocked the colour – as far as I could see – so naturally, I bought the outstanding three balls of yarn. I continued knitting in happy oblivion until I came to a point which required me to cast off some of the stitches and shape the sleeves. On closer inspection of the sweater’s eventual recipient, I noticed that I would need to lengthen the back by another inch for it to fit properly. This presented another  issue on the wool front – the yarn I had diligently accumulated was suddenly insufficient. I had only just purchased enough to complete the sweater according to pattern so it was back to the interwebs for me.

Naturally, this wasn’t straightforward. In order to purchase from the afore-mentioned yarn shop, I was required to spend over five pounds. My wool, however, only cost £3.50 per hundred grams and I definitely don’t need a spare ball of grey. In desperation, I bought a pair of bamboo knitting needles and then settled down to my knitting again.

Whilst I’m really enjoying this, I’m starting to feel the familiar draw of the sewing machine. Or rather, a shiny new (old) sewing machine. Also a Jones, this lovely green, electric beast was made in the USSR and feels heavy enough to survive the fallout of nuclear war. And it is electric! I would like to say a huge thank you to its previous owner and will update as to whether it works or not in due course. I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t after a quick clean with some WD40 – it looks to be in incredible condition.

So yes, all is well on the craft front, and I only have 2 more shifts to go until I finish work… roll on March 1st!