… to 5.30am starts.

Does anyone else remember being little and being told that if you were well enough to have people over, then you were well enough to go to school? This has been so successfully drilled into my head that I am up and dressed and ready(ish) for work – despite the fact that I still sound like a snot-monster – simply because I want to be ‘well enough’ for Mum and Dad arriving. Which is daft, because if anyone was going to understand my need to lie on the sofa and watch ‘My Big Fat Gypsy Weddings’ until my brain falls out, it would be them.*

In other news, I am getting very excited about March. Aside from my plans to knit until my fingers are stumps, I am also planning my first proper girlie trip out since my hen weekend. I hadn’t noticed until now, but all of the meetings with my lovely UEA girlies have involved husband or the boys, so it’ll be good to have a day with just the three of us. Also, I’ve never seen a London musical before so that in itself will be an experience. My only qualm is that I’ll need to take the train as I don’t think my blood pressure could cope with the inevitable road rage that everything within the M25 entails. It’s only a 50 minute journey, but that’s more than enough time for strange men to try to marry me. Shudder.

And look – it’s time to drive off into the dawn. That’s one thing I’ll say about these early mornings – they certainly make you appreciate that Spring is well and truly here.

Frankiesoup away!


*Not that I think they’d understand my need to watch the show – I don’t really understand that, truth be told – but they certainly wouldn’t judge me for wanting to spend the day snoozing.