Knitting now seems to be something of an addiction.

Though I will be making bee cosys to sell on ebay in the coming weeks, I decided that I couldn’t wait to see what people’s’ reactions would be so I started making yet another hat in the meantime. This is an adult hat and will be a gift, so won’t be showing up on here for a long while yet… still, I feel like I’ve become an obsessive compulsive knitting machine and I have no intention of stopping any time soon.

The great part is that the more things I make, the more I find I am capable of making. Patterns which I never thought I’d be able to tackle when I picked up my needles again in November all feel deliciously easy now. I think that after the trim for this hat is finished, I will attempt my first large project – an adult sweater. In the meantime, I will diligently knit the various pieces of trim that have been designed for this hat and content myself with the knowledge that soon, very soon, I will be able to click my needles together all day long, without interruption.