The new sofa is a deadly force. Not only is it big enough for two to snooze on, but it’s also comfortable enough to make me want to spend every waking minute here. This morning I gathered S-, some cake, my Nintendo DS, the laptop and the remote for the hi-fi. With the exception of the odd toilet break, I haven’t got up yet.

Because of this, I haven’t done anything of note today and thought that I would cheat by sharing another awesome cake recipe in lieu of an actual blog post. This one came about on Saturday because my storage jars in the kitchen aren’t quite big enough to contain a whole packet of oats or flour, and because I inherited some soft brown sugar that was in danger of becoming anything but soft. So that none of this went to waste, or made my shelves look messy – I hate open packets or powdery things because I inevitably spill them everywhere – I tossed everything into a bowl with some eggs and the dregs of a bottle of oil which needed using up and baked it.

The result was fabulous.


Lovely, moist oaty cake



300g brown sugar
200g oats
200g self-raising flour (or plain flour and a tea-spoon of baking powder)
150ml of vegetable oil (rape seed oil, or nut oil would add a really lovely flavour)
5 eggs
a large chug of fresh ginger, shredded
Enough milk to make a good batter

Mix everything together, bake for around half an hour – or however long it takes for the cake to be done – at around 200C.

Wait for a little whilst the cake cools and then eat lots of it with tea.