The Jones sewing machine is back in action, and to celebrate, I thought I would salvage the scraps of fabric I didn’t use on the disastrous curtains of a few weeks ago.

Mum was given this rocking chair by a friend, back in the days I thought Savage Garden were cool. When I moved out, she very kindly passed this lovely item of furniture on to me – something the cat will forever be grateful for.

I don’t actually mind the floral fabric, but S- hates it, and in all fairness, it was looking a little tired. Armed with 50 new needles in varying sizes, I loaded up my precious machine and set about turning the chair into something a little more modern.

Truth be told, I wanted the stripes to go vertically, but there just wasn’t enough fabric in that direction. The covers took all of about five minutes to make and would never be mistaken for a professional job, but I’m actually really pleased with how this has turned out. When coupled with a few scatter cushions…

… it really does have the look of something a bit more contemporary – exactly what I was going for.

So, smug girl and her ancient machine are off to rearrange the furniture now, displaying the shiny new chair beside the matching curtains. Hooray for recycling!