The research into sewing machines continues, though mostly by the unstoppable force which is Mum. My mother, you see, has an uncanny ability to find almost anything through google.

I do want a new electric machine, and following the rather sage advice of Milliewray and Bex, I will be purchasing one (doesn’t take much persuading, does it?). However, my excitement regarding this happy event has largely been overtaken by the fact that M- has discovered a website which sells the impossible-to-find round-shanked needles required by my beautiful Jones Family CS.


The precious...


I have, naturally, ordered all of the different sizes that this store had to offer and can’t wait to try them out on the massive list of projects I had largely given up on. No, the Jones doesn’t make button holes, and no, you can’t do zig-zag stitches or anything else even remotely fancy. You can, however, sew in a straight line and the stitches will hold. That’s all I ever really wanted from a machine.

So, with new needles on the way, I will remove my faithful friend from its display shelf, dust off the bullet bobbin and crank until I have no strength left in my arm to crank with! Today will be a good day!