If I acted on every rash choice I ever made… I’d be in pretty much the situation I’m in right now.

Take, for example, my UCAS application, back in 2003. I wanted to study creative writing at university, but in a moment of… what? Clarity, abstraction? I decided to apply for a Danish language degree instead and my life has never really been the same since.

And take my incredible little first car, Percy the VW Polo Mk2 facelift. After four years of yearning for this tiny motor, I traded it in after a month because… well, most likely because I could.

And don’t even get me started on my engagement.

The thing is, more often than not, the choices that I make in life are done entirely on a whim. In a bid to be more responsible this year, though, I am trying not to spend every penny which comes into my bank account as though money were going out of fashion. Which is why, even though I need one, I can’t bring myself to buy a new sewing machine. Whoever thought one rash decision would stop me from making more?

My current machine is evil. Two of my friends now aren’t getting the presents they were supposed to, simply because I can’t physically make them. And let me tell you, the day you can’t get a sewing machine to stitch seven straight lines is the day it needs to meet the scrap heap. I’ve even picked out a replacement model – a Singer 4411 Heavy Duty domestic machine. Not only does it make button-holes (something I have coveted in friends’ machines for a long time) but it also has more than one bobbin, and the metal shell, readily available presser foots and special quilting accessories make it almost drool-worthy. Yet here I am, hesitating over its purchase because I promised myself I wouldn’t buy anything this month which isn’t somehow related to life’s essential activities.

Yet again, rashness triumphs over common sense… what a strange person I am.