After days of being confined to the dining room* on account of her poorly tummy, the cat was finally allowed back into the lounge. She has returned to the scene with enthusiasm, rolling all over the place in what I think is an effort to prove that we can cuddle her properly without making her throw up. At present, Artemis is squeezed between the laptop and my body, with her bum on my right arm and her head under my left. I am resting the full weight of my left arm on her but she is purring anyway. I don’t think there’s enough in her especially small head for her to be bothered.

In other news, the bear remains nameless. I wanted to put a tag on it saying something akin to “Please look after this bear” re. Paddington. The problem is that any name I think is good, turns out to be unpronouncable in Danish, and any name S- thinks sounds Danish, I think sounds like vomiting. We’ll probably settle for something ridiculous like Ormus, or Ulala, or Link. Heaven knows how stink-cat got away with Artemis… a few more days at the xbox and she might have been Pie Master.**

Anyway, I should probably go, remove the cat from her current resting place, and set about packing and tidying before the mad rush tomorrow. Wish me luck getting on a plane… not so much luck wanted in regards to getting back. 😛



*For anyone who hasn’t been to our house, the dining room isn’t really a dining room. It’s a sort of large square corridor which is home to the largely superfluous dining table, the giant computer which never gets used, and the unplayed piano.

Ormus: Diablo II
Ulala: Space Channel 5
Link: Zelda
Pie Master: Fable

… for those who might not have known.