The knitting continues unabated, as does the flow of work. I console myself with stacks of fabric to be sewn one day, and the promise of Clive Cussler books which are piling up slowly in the corner.

Also, the Dreamcast seems to have resurfaced now that the spare bed is gone. Naturally, this has turned my mind to all manner of important things – like whether or not I actually did complete Phatasy Star Online or just dream it, whether there will ever be a Skies of Arcadia sequel for whatever new console is hottest that day, and just how many times I can make Ulala convulse before she and the rest of the crew at Space Chanel 5 get their scoop. And who the hell calls their kid ‘Pudding’ anyways?

I often wish life was more like a computer game – not in the way they showed on Futurama, but the idea of save points and continues certainly appeals. Back in the days when I used to have a Playstation – yes, Sega-girl once bought a Sony product – I took great pleasure in saving FFVIII at key points in the story, sending my character off to be a total jerk, then reloading from my previous save point and carrying on as the game seemed to want. And if continues did exist in real life, you could take the chace, overtake that total knob end  in the white van, and it wouldn’t matter if you crashed horribly because you’d have an extra guy left. And if the continue system was anything like Sonic, my goth years and associated rings must have earned me well over 3 continues by now so I could overtake as many things as I wanted!

Needless to say that the Dreamcast remains in the box for now. To take it out, I feel, would be rather dangerous. Just looking at it this morning has given me far more ideas than I’m sure it’s healthy for me to have.

Also, thanks to my wonderfully inventive mother, I now know what I’m getting for everyone on my present list! Hooray! Now there’s just one hat, some cookies, and a lot of sewing to go!