And so begins the arduous task of resetting my body clock to function overnight for the grand total of two shifts. Hopefully these are the last I’ll have to do for a while, but my shift pattern from the coming month is looking somewhat arduous regardless. In one week I have three 13 hour shifts in a row, a single day off, and then another early morning. Yet another reason I can’t wait for my long Christmas weekend in Denmark. I’m going to sleep like there’s no tomorrow!

Anyways, what I was going to say was – the worst thing about night shifts isn’t the actual working over night. It’s having to figure out whether it’s better to stay up late the night before and sleep straight through, or whether it’s better to go to bed early, get up early, and sleep late through the afternoon. Today, I am trying the early, early, late option, though all I really want to do is stay up and watch the snow fall in case it gets bad enough for me to stay home. I doubt it will be – the Micra is incredible in the snow and hasn’t ever failed to start regardless of weather conditions. Still, an evening in bed, instead of traipsing the ward with the tea trolley is incredibly appealing so I feel it’s fine to hope.