After having to leave work yesterday due to the most epic pain I’ve had in a long while, and discovering that there’s no real reason for it, I thought today could only improve.

Except that I’m in more pain now than I was yesterday and the doctor still doesn’t know what’s wrong. Other than telling me to drink more water, they were pretty useless. And on my way over there, I ended up witnessing a fairly bad car crash. Now I have to do a police witness report and all sorts.

A friends said, “At least you’ve got the day off work,” but I hate that. I feel like such a fraud for staying home sick, even when I do feel terrible. And to stop the ward being short-staffed, I had to take tomorrow off too so that they can get someone else in to cover me. To cheer myself up though, I’ve been ploughing on with my knitting and have finally managed to finish the gift bags which I intend to give to my nieces.


With some shiny chocolates, the homemade scarves really fill the bag and look a lot more expensive than they were.



After I'd knitted the scarves (well, two of them anyway. A- did the purple one), I rolled them up and tied them with contrasting ribbons. For the washing instructions, I just copied those from the wool label onto mini luggage tags and threaded this through the ribbon. I think it looks pretty smart.

With two girls in one family, and one girl in another – there are yet another two girls but they’re slightly older and younger than these three – I thought I’d give one of the pink scarves and the purple one to the sisters, and the other pink scarf to the girl in the other family. That way, no one has an item the same as their sibling. I think I might get a little wooden toy/make a little bear or something to go in as well, but we’ll see how time goes. I need to have enough minutes to make three – to make fewer would be showing favouritism.

I’ve had to stock up on other wool for dad related gifts. Who knew fathers could have such large heads?

The week of knitting by the stove – with hot running tea and biscuits on tap – has really inspired me to keep going. Normally when I bother with this craft, I complete the project I started on and then wait until S- loses his scarf before I begin a new one*. This time, I am actively seeking people to knit for, trying to come up with interesting Christmas present ideas and experimenting with new types of stitch. Moss stitch, for example, has turned out to be very scrummy-looking when combined with fat wool and chunky needles**.

But I digress…

By the way – anyone have any ideas what to buy for boys? I have 4 gents to purchase things for and no ideas.


*Inevitably, I make husband a lot of scarves. They tend to be deposited in places and then forgotten about.
** Thanks, Mum!