So we’re back to the early morning babble, rather than coherent ‘blog posts. Hooray.

I can’t decide whether I actually feel as crap as I think I do right now, or whether it’s just a random by-product of getting up this disgustingly early which I had forgotten about. Either way, all my muscles are stiff, my stomach is doing terrible things to itself and if I need to go to the bathroom one more time in the next 24 hours, I will begin to swear that someone is teleporting water into my bladder. I forget what made me think I could work at 37.5 hour job which involved hideous shift ‘patterns’ – if you can call six non-consecutive nights amongst four weeks of early starts a pattern – but I am seriously reconsidering my body’s ability to function in this way. If I stick this out until February, it will be a bloody miracle.

In other news, Artemis still hasn’t shut up. She was even kind enough to serenade me last night whilst I improvised dinner. You see, even though I did make it to the shops yesterday, and even though I had planned the next week of food, I didn’t actually count on us needing to eat on Monday… I haven’t even set foot in my work-place yet and already my brain has melted. In any case, whilst converting my impulse haggis into lasagna – which takes about twenty-five minutes – kitten did not shut up once. I am seriously considering ear plugs.

Also, reading back on what I’ve written so far – because I should have left five minutes ago to beat the rush to the car park – I couldn’t help but notice that it sounds as if I hate my job. I’d like to point out that I don’t, I’m just really, really tired and I know that working is only going to make it worse.

Euch. Best set off.