No, I haven’t written in a while, but I have been enjoying a very well-needed rest up at Mum and Dad’s. Having seen all of my closest friends last week, I feel rather spiritually fulfilled and heartened against the inevitable difficulties of the coming months. That, and my cat has missed me to the point of following me everywhere – including to the bathroom – now that I’m home.

The Christmas-present-making continued in Scotland, uninterrupted by the trip and I am happy to report that I have two scarves to put in my little gift bags, with another on the needles. If all goes well, I’ll even be able to ‘blog my soap making tomorrow when I get in from work. I don’t think it’ll be safe enough in time to give any to the children I had planned to make it for, but I’m confident that my friends will understand my ‘do not use before’ dates… ahem.

In any case, I am returned. Now it’s off to the supermarket for rations, then home again, heating on and under the blankets in the living room. Next mission… the non-square patchwork quilt.