I am actually so excited now that I can’t sleep after a night shift. In just 24 hours, I will be sat in a car, moaning about the state of modern music, blasting up the A1 (correct me if I’m wrong, J-) in pursuit of The North.

Oh yes, that’s right! I’m going home… and I’m dragging everyone I love with me!*

This will be the first time that my uni friends and the lovely M-, are all in one place together for longer than 24 hours.  Also, Mum very kindly insured me to drive her 4×4 so I get to add the Subaru Forester to my list of ‘have-drivens’.

I’m actually starting to lose track of how that list goes. I think the following are correct:

Original Ford Fiesta
Original Ford Ka
Renault Clio Mk 3
Ford Focus Mk 2
That queer Volvo which doesn’t look like one… the S40 I think…
Saab 93 with the steering wheel on the wrong side
VW Polo Mk II Facelift
VW Polo Mk III
VW Polo Mk IV
Dead Ford Transit van
Brand new Ford Transit van with the steering wheel on the wrong side
Landrover D3 with the steering wheel on the wrong side
Nissan Primera from 2003
Nissan Micra K12

Cars I have technically driven, but not fast enough to get a feel for include:
Peugeot 206
Original Mini Mayfair
Landrover Defender
Hyundai Coupe**

And then I really do forget. It’s not as extensive as I hoped it would be, but it proves a point… somehow. I am yet to be led wrong by a VW Polo. Those guys are he best (as are contact lenses).

Anyways, I’ve babbled incoherently for long enough. I’ve now been up for 19 hours straight. Bed time!


*Except (F)Artemis, who hates cars and people and others cats. This isn’t really a trip for anti-social mini-kitty killers.

**This car is the only vehicle which has ever made me wish for power steering. That when I took it back to the garage I was  told it had fully functional power-steering is irrelevant. Husband skidded it on a roundabout, and I strained my arms trying to take us back to the forecourt. To be honest, I really liked that – it felt real – but I’m not sure my ligaments could take it for any longer than a five minute test drive.