I should be in bed right about now, seeing as how I have to work a night shift in nine hours. My problem, at present, is the fact that the wind is threatening to blow the hazelnut tree at the back of the house onto the roof, thus crushing me and my miraculously cured cat. As a result, I am sat here, tapping away on the keyboard with a mug of hot milk in the desperate hope that I will somehow drop off.

Another problem I have is that my soap-making goodies have arrived. Since I rediscovered the magical effects of a hot bath with lovely smellies, I have been determined to try my hand at making some. Whilst the plan is to have them ready by Christmas to give as gifts, the violent nature of the caustic soda means that even if I were to start right this second – and I can’t because I don’t have enough olive oil – it wouldn’t be safe for skin in time.

I might make some anyway when I get back from Scotland, and put a “do not use before” date on…

Well, I’m off to eat some cheese and then sleep. I suddenly realised that I’ve never tested if it gives you wierd dreams before, so am going to give it a go! I will let  you know any results!