You wouldn’t think that it could be so hard to keep in touch with about seven people from throughout the course of your life, but time and time again, I’ve been proved spectacularly wrong. Afterall, t’s difficult enough to organise a gathering of my university friends and we live within easy driving distance of one another. When you factor the people I know from back home into the equation it suddenly all becomes very complicated and I end up not seeing childhood friends for years at a time. Yet somehow, on this coming trip to Scotland, I think I’m going to get to see just about everyone.

Makes me wonder if the universe is just giving me one last ‘goodbye tour’. I will be sure to be even more suspicious of Newmarket’s killer horse boxes than usual…

In other news, I have another meeting to keep this evening. I need to take (F)Artemis to the vet. Not because of her pungent odors, but because of the spectacular mess she made of her eye yesterday. Naturally, kitten is nowhere to be seen at present so I can’t check to see whether the problem has righted itself overnight. I’m hoping the red ickyness will be gone so that I can come home from work to a nap, rather than a high-speed chase around the dining room with a cat basket.

After this morning’s hideously early start, I’m on a night shift from Thursday to Friday. Then I’ll get about 5 hours to sleep, then I’ll have to pack up the car, pick up my friends and get ready for the drive north. If you don’t hear from me, in the next few days, it’ll be because I’m unconscious in the Polo’s foot well somewhere. There’s only so much tea can do, after all.

Well, I’ve muttered darkly long enough for one morning. Time to join the tractors filing into Newmarket, and dream about unbreakable cats.